• Coordination and cooperation with PMIU in collection of data.
  • To decide the leave cases of all employees in BS-18 except study leave.
  • To perform duties/ assignments as are assigned by the Education Department.
  • Roll of Focal Person regarding Safety, Security and Maintenance of I.T. Labs in Punjab.
  • Coordination for in-service training of teachers with Directorate of Staff Development.
  • To implement the policies of the Department and keep on follow up on implementation.
  • Coordination with Punjab examination Commission in conduct of 5th & 8th class Examinations.
  • To decide the leave cases of all employees in BS-17 including study leave and Ex-Pakistan Leave.
  • Preparation of scheme of Internal Merit Scholarship and its transmission to the lower formation.
  • Preparation of budget of receipts and reconciliation of receipt figures with Accounts General, Punjab.
  • Preparation and maintenance of seniority lists of all employees from BS-17 to BS-20 belonging to teaching and non-teaching cadre.
  • To prepare replies to the Assembly Questions and consolidate the replies coming from field formation and onward submission to Government.
  • Defence of litigation cases from lower courts to Superior courts in service appeals and provide guidance to the lower formations in preparation                                      of comments/defence.
  • To prepare promotion cases of teaching and non-teaching staff from BS-16 to BS-20 and presentation before the respective DPC and PSB through Education             Department.
  • To Prepare working papers in respect of Draft and presentation before the Public Accounts Committee and consolidation of working papers relating to Audit            Paras and Advance Paras of pre-devolution period.
  • To scrutinize all the cases relating to pay, increments, leaves, G.P Funds, retirement, Pension and other service matters from BS-17 to BS-20 coming from the          field formations all over the Province and submit to the Government.

Department of Information & Technology, DPI ( SE ) Lahore.