Vision Statement

To make SED an abode of harmony by ensuring compatibility between the doer and the deed. We aim to develop an issue-resolving agency to seek out the possible answers and the consequent solution of the problems of the officers of SED to improve the standard of Education in Punjab and add our due share in the progress and prosperity of our beloved country by fulfilling the dream of quality Education.

Mission Statement

To improve the Quality Education by implementing the policies of the Department and their follow up by eying on them. Serenity and smooth running of the system is predominantly desired by us and it can only be brought by tending to disentangle service issues with keen but disinterested involvement to ensure the possible solutions of the problems.

DPI(SE)’s Message

I am so pleased to be a part of the Directorate of Public Instruction (Secondary Education) and have received such a warm welcome from staff, students, parents and the wider community. My focus is on student achievement and supporting all students to succeed. We are the largest and most diverse Secondary Education Directorate in Punjab. I am proud to be a part of a Department (DPI-SE) where students can access such a multitude of choices and are encouraged to shape themselves as an active member of society to play positive role to the development of our country. In education, we have a great opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our students, their families and the world. Every day in the schools of Punjab, students discover who they are and who they can become. Thanks to the incredible efforts of our teachers and staff, and the involvement of parents and caregivers. By taking time to understand and nurture of each individual, we are better able to succeed together—we have more smiles to share. Together, we make our schools a great place to learn and grow.I look forward to working closely with staff and students to address some of the Education’s key priorities.

Syed Mumtaz Hussain Shah
Director Public Instruction
Secondary Education

Department of Information & Technology, DPI ( SE ) Lahore.